This precious little one wandered into someone's barn. When the residents took a close look at her they realized that she had severe wounds on her hind area. They brought her to us. When she arrived she was very weak. We were not sure if she would pull through. We rushed her out to an amazing vet. She was in the hospital for a few days, and thanks to this vet and her staff the fawn made it. While she was in the hospital the staff named the fawn Falleen. Falleen is now doing great. Her wounds are healing, she is eating up everything, and she loves to wander the yard with her best friend Lily. We can't thank the vet and her staff enough. Thanks to them, Falleen will grow up and be returned back 2 the wild.


          MEET PIGLET

This is Piglet. Piglet was brought to us as an orphan. His eyes were still closed. We could always tell him apart from the others. Piglet's tail is in a spiral. It will pull straight but then go right back to a spiral. Guess we all know why his name is Piglet!











Our 2009 season was nothing short of amazing with the variety of rescues we were called to this year. Our most memorable was a call we recieved from the state police. We were asked to respond to a car accident where a deer was hit by a car. When the deer was hit her unborn twins where knocked out of her. One twin did not make it, but the other was showing positive signs of life. We removed the injured premature fawn from the scene and brought back to "Back 2 The Wild Rehab". The fawn was given some intensive care for several weeks. The fawn has now earned the name "Miracle", and is doing very well and will make a full recovery and be released

"Back 2 The Wild" to be the wild deer she was born to be!




 So there is a Canadian Goose with a broken wing, in an undisclosed location, that I go and take food to because his pond is now froze over so he can not feed. I am trying to make friends so maybe I can catch him...yeah right!!! Jimmy and I went there today. Sure enough there he was waiting. I threw a piece of bread, today was bread day, and he slid across the pond up the snow bank and layed down two foot from me. So I am now mouthing the words "bring me the net" to my hubby who is in the WARM truck. So just as I think I have the goose distracted, I make my move....a up in the air, triple sommersault, back handspring, twisted out and stuck the landing...right on my ass...but no fears...the goose grabbed a piece of bread right after he  watched my performance and ran off laughing while I layed there in the 12" of snow. My husband didn't even score my performance a perfect 10, and I am sure it was. I am also pretty sure I am Olympic dream team material on my way to meet the president at the White House. Oh...the wonderful life of a rehabber. Wouldn't give it up for nothing....LOL!!!


Truck Driver Wannabe?

This adorable little boy was found wandering around a truck stop. An animal loving truck driver and her son from Wisconsin tracked me down while keeping an eye on the fawn. "Bambi" stayed with us for several weeks then was transferred in a playpen in the back of my Honda Pilot to another rehabber by the upper pennisula. I am sure Honda never planned for that when they designed the Pilot. "Bambi" made new friends and was recently released on a 22,000 acre wildlife perserve. Thank You to my fellow rehabber Nora. I always know my babies are in good hands with you.